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  Women's Health :: Why Are Moms So Tired and Stressed? Why are you? 

More than half of American women (60%) say they only get a good night’s sleep a few nights per week or less and 67% say they frequently experience a sleep problem.

43% say that daytime sleepiness interferes with their daily activities.  National Sleep Foundation (NSF).

Women’s lack of sleep affects virtually every aspect of their time-pressed lives, leaving them late for work, stressed out, too tired for sex and little time for their friends.

Women who spend less than 7 hours in bed at night are more likely to doze off during the day, report symptoms of depression, drive drowsy and use coping mechanisms just to make it through their day. 
:  National Sleep Foundation (NSF), Sleep In America Poll 2007 

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I realized that I need to stop trying to fix the world and just let them (my family) "be." Trying to control others has been exhausting me. Thanks for this insight!

- Hilda, Stay At Home Mom

... from a recovering toxic relationship addict & Adrenal Gland Failure survivor … 

If you're in a toxic relationship, your body is working in overdrive to produce the endorphins you need to combat the stress chemicals your body is producing.  All of the extra work puts a huge strain on your adrenal glands and can put you over the edge and straight into Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome or worse Adrenal Failure.  This guide is a must read – DON”T WAIT - read this NOW.
-Jaci Rae, Founder

I just found your "Fatigue Be Gone" e-book on Rebecca White's "Heal Yourself Talk" website. Whew!  This is FANTASTIC!!!  Exactly what I'm looking for my own readers! 

I have dealt with fatigue for years and no doctor's visit or vitamin product has helped.  I think I'm finally going to turn a corner by working through the steps in your book

-Darlene Hull, WAHM, Founder, Mom-Defrazzler.com

Viveca's Fatigue Be Gone provides easy transitions into a healthier lifestyle. My friends and I have taken for granted that we are tired all the time. V's guide has opened our minds to a variety of causes and sources that we can work on together. I recommend sharing the guide with your girlfriends and sisters.
- Catherine,
WAHM, PR Specialist, Tijeras, NM

Wow! What a comprehensive guide to solving one of the most pervasive health problems women face today! It's loaded with great ideas and tips that can be used right away. And your advice for getting the most out of your doctor's visit is truly invaluable!
Thank you for creating such a great guide!

- Cathy Wagner, WAHM, Web Mistress & Owner,

I've gone over your e-Guide. Great info! I could really hear your voice in it -- & your voice, in your writing as well as speaking, is infectious...a great trait for helping others.

- Linda Alexander, Author

"If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, read Adrenal Fatigue Be Gone. It's a deceptively simple programme that will have you feeling in control of your life with a minimum of fuss. Better yet, you'll never have to go back to feeling flat and exhausted again!"

- Jennifer Clare, Author The No Sweat Guide to Fitness

Just finished your "Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide." It is a very easy read and easy to understand. These are tops in my book given so much is written in medical lingo and it is hard to decipher what in the world they mean. Your guide is full of worthy and much needed information that makes a difference in the daily life of someone suffering from fatigue. Thank you for the great work you have put into this resource, so that all of us who are fatigued can benefit from it. I wish you much success on this road
to help others.

- Ann Swift, WAHM, Co-Founder, Life On Purpose

I'm blown away!  This is a tremendous piece of work (and us men can benefit from the info too!).  
, San Diego, CA

(Absolutely! Share the guide with your spouse and your kids. Be my guest! -Viveca)

In reading it, I also thought about the adrenal  exhaustion that occurs with Post Traumatic Stress, the holding of a trauma in one's cellular memory because it is too much to deal with after the incident.

Great job! Big love,
- Margaret Wolff
, Author,
 In Sweet Company


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Hey Mom … Is Adrenal Fatigue Causing You to Be Tired All the Time? Symptoms, Causes and Solutions for a disorder that affects nearly 80% of women

Adrenal fatigue sufferers are caught in a vicious cycle. Usually, they feel extremely tired in the morning and late afternoon and most energetic after 5 p.m. By bedtime a dreaded “second wind” kicks in. There they lay -- wired awake, too tired for sex, angry, anxious and alone, since their partner is, hopefully, asleep. Tossing and turning all night, they never getting more than a few hours of rest. 

Adrenal fatigue makes it difficult to roll out of bed, let alone function. Yet, the women who suffer from this debilitating disorder dutifully struggle to get up, feed their family and usher them out the door. Oftentimes, in a feeble attempt to boost their energy, they resort to pounding sweets and coffee.

Typically, by 11 a.m. they begin to feel somewhat human, than hit the wall of fatigue around 3 p.m. A few hours later another boost of energy arrives and they frantically attempt to complete their tasks, knowing that by 11 p.m. they will be exhausted, yet unable to sleep.  

Sound like you? You're not alone. Experts claim that adrenal fatigue affects nearly 80 percent of Americans; particularly women who are mothers. The first step to ending the agony associated with adrenal fatigue is to become aware of its symptoms, causes and solutions. And, it is agony to feel tired, stressed, anxious and overwhelmed all the time.  

What are the Adrenal Glands? They are two, small, triangular glands located on top of each kidney. They produce essential hormones which aid in dealing with stress including adrenaline, corticosteroids and androgens.

The adrenal glands provide our "get up and go" and are intended to provide an occasional "fight or flight" response. Most moms are surviving off a constant adrenaline rush as they try to meet their overwhelming amount of daily obligations.

Their adrenal glands are pumping hormones at full throttle, sending a message to the body of "go, Go GO!!!" When this reaction is demanded on a continuous basis our bodies cannot recharge naturally. They become exhausted and begin to deteriorate. And, so does our quality of life. 

What Causes Adrenal Fatigue? The onset is often triggered by a major shock such as a broken heart, death, divorce, serious burns (including sunburn), bankruptcy or job loss. However even "happy" changes are extremely stressful and can throw us out of whack including: marriage, promotion and relocation. The birth of a child falls under extremely happy and stressful featuring interrupted sleep patterns, new mom anxiety and ...

Adrenal fatigue is also associated with unresolved, long-term stress or anxieties including drug or alcohol abuse, newborn baby adjustments, financial stress, marriage difficulties, etc.

Oftentimes, you'll find it snuggled in the “straw that broke the camel’s back” scenarios, such as the lack of recovery from a series of emotional and/or physical events.

Who “catches” Adrenal Fatigue: In the U.S. an estimated 80 percent of American women and men will suffer from adrenal fatigue syndrome at some point in their life. Of the women, moms are the most vulnerable. Specifically, mothers who are …

Type “A” Perfectionist, Super Mom, Back-to-School Moms burning the candle at both ends; Moms with two or more children and little support from family or friends; Single moms and married moms with  extremely unhappy and stressful home and/or work conditions. Other factors include drug or alcohol abuse; alternating shift work that requires frequent adjustments to the sleep pattern; and an obsessive “all work, no play” lifestyle.

Adrenal fatigue solutions abound including anti-anxiety prescriptions, sleeping pills, dietary changes, hormone replacement therapy, counseling, vitamins, supplements, patches and more prescriptions. I tried many of these along my path to recovery. One of the healthiest choices I made was hands-on and medication-off.  

Therapy Massage - AcupressureAcupressure is a massage therapy technique in which fingers press key points on the surface of your skin to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. When these points are pressed, they release muscle tension and promote the circulation of blood and the body’s life force (called qi or chi) to aid in healing and relaxation. (Acupuncture presses the same points as acupressure, but uses needles vs. touch.) 

Acupressure works well for most people and usually provides significant and immediate relief. My first appointment lasted two hours. I wanted, hoped and prayed it could knock me back in my groove. It did. That night I slept like a baby. Ever since, acupressure has been a nurturing part of my ongoing rejuvenation process. 

Acupressure Recommendations


Begin with a weekly session or, at minimum, every other week. Schedule appointments for late afternoon and take the rest of the day off from your “busy-ness.” Do NOT jump from your appointment back into the fray. This type of behavior is only adding to your chronic exhaustion.


Adrenal fatigue is a serious condition. If you want to stop feeling tired, exhausted and cranky all the time, you must step out of the fight or flight response and give your adrenal glands times to rejuvenate.


If your kids aren’t old enough to fend for themselves, on Acupressure Eve hire a babysitter, beg your mother, your sister or a friend. Some of the best support comes from other tired moms. Don’t worry. Once she sees how great you are doing, it won’t be long before you “earn” this favor by watching over her children!


Once your acupressure treatment is over, it's time to relax, drink plenty of water and eat a light nourishing meal. Refrain from drinking any alcohol (interferes with sleep) and go to bed early with your journal, a calm inspirational read, and/or your loving partner.


Use acupressure as a springboard and form other lighter, livable routines. Like…


... simplifying, prioritizing, and doing more of what matters most and less of the rest. Like eating more greens and brown rice and fresh fruits... Like allowing the phone to go to voicemail after 8 p.m. and staying off all your electronic gadgets and gizmos … Like splashing lavender essential oil on your pillow and in your bathtub and breathing peace in, stress out.


Yes, this is one way to come back to yourself – your strong, relaxed and whole mom self. For more suggestions and almost daily tips and inspiration, click here

Mom, whatever you do ... don't settle for feeling just o.k. or fine. You deserve to feel GREAT (so does the rest of your family.)

(c) 2007 Viveca Stone-Berry is the founder of FatigueBeGone.com & author of the Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide which helps women of all ages re-Energize themselves & their relationships.  Visit http://fatiguebegone.com/fbgguideinformation.htm today and find out exactly what you need to do to overcome your fatigue.

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Energy boosting solutions for tired women -- get your groove back!

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